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The UK's Leading Identity & Access Management Solution

Single Sign-On for Web, Mobile and Thick-Client Apps. Simplify user login processes while achieving security compliance. Eliminate phishing & Shadow IT.

My1Login is available on Windows, Mac OS X, Windows Mobile, Apple IOS and Android and is also compatible with Citrix XenDesktop, XenApps and StoreFront.


Cited as Global Leader In IAM by

 IAM Solution of The Year
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The Most Widely-Compatible Single Sign-On Solution

Single Sign-On for Web Apps, Flash-based Apps, Mobile, Citrix and Thick-Client Apps. Integrates with Active Directory.

Privileged Password Management

Provides user with access to sensitive and/or shared credentials. Ensure that appropriate access is granted to specific users and groups and that access is only available during specific periods of time. Full audit trail.

Auto-Updates Passwords and Eliminates Phishing

My1Login's automatic password update enables administrators to update passwords on target applications and hide those passwords from end-users. If users don't know any passwords, how can they be phished?

Auto-Detects & Auto-Integrates Web Apps 

My1Login's auto-discovery of apps ensure apps are known to IT, eliminating Shadow IT. Automatic integration of new apps removes the need for manual provisioning by administrators, facilitating rapid deployment.

Client-Side Encryption

Unlike most competitors, who use server-side encryption, My1Login utilises client-side encryption (AES-256). This means even My1Login employees are unable to access customers’ secure data. This provides customers with a significant step increase in the security of their sensitive data.

Wholly UK-Based

Wholly-UK vendor of IAM which can help from a data-protection, compliance (i.e. GDPR) and Safe-Harbour perspective. Support and implementation teams are based in the UK.



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